"Well worth checking out"

- Best In New Music

"Beautifully understated stuff."

- Backseat Mafia

"There’s a songwriting maturity here that really stands out in a crowded singer songwriter scene.​"

- Ear To The Ground Music

"You just know that girl is going to go on to amazing, amazing things." 
                                                             - Dan Pascoe (BBC Cornwall)

Hey what's up I'm Lily! I'm 21 and from the very bottom of the UK in Cornwall. I'm influenced largely through Sody, Billy Joel and Clinton Kane and my upcoming release is VERY Lauv inspired. I don't stick to a genre on purpose because I'm not a fan of limiting myself to what I can or can't create. If I'm inspired I'll just go with the flow and if a Jazz / Rap / Pop song comes out I'm still going to love it and want to share it with the world.  Saying that, I do put "Pop" as the genre of most of my releases. Vulnerability is also a big thing for me and my songwriting since I tend to write through my own experiences. This is just because I use songwriting as my way to process things. I'm super excited to keep making, creating and growing through my music.